Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adia Benton: Addressing the Ebola Crisis in West Africa

Adia Benton
The Humanists of Rhode Island were proud to present medical anthropologist Adia Benton delivering a presentation, "Addressing the Ebola Crisis in West Africa" last night at Knight Memorial Library in Providence.

"In this talk," says Adia Benton, "I provide an overview of the factors that have helped to propel the Ebola crisis in West Africa. I will also address some of the important social, economic, political and cultural consequences of a delayed and inadequate response, as well as the concerted efforts occurring worldwide to control the spread of the disease." 

Adia Benton is an assistant professor of anthropology at Brown University. As a public health specialist, she has worked and lived in various parts of Africa, with long-term experience in Sierra Leone. As an anthropologist, she studies the impact of public health, humanitarian and medical interventions on communities. You can watch her full talk below.



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