Monday, March 20, 2017

2017 Nominations for HRI Board Members


2017 Nominations for HRI Board Members

Election to be held April 10, 2017

The HRI nominating committee has identified the following candidates for 9 HRI Board positions:

Steve Ahlquist
Dan Ciora
Michael Crooks
Sara Beth
David Finnegan
Chuck Flippo
Debbie Flitman
Tony Houston
Tina Umscheid

Additional nominations may be made at the April 10 meeting.

Under HRI’s current by-laws, voting members elect new Board members at the April meeting from candidates nominated by the nominating committee or nominated at the meeting.  The new Board members then vote among themselves to decide who will hold the four officer positions.  The remaining elected Board members will be at-large.

The nominating committee identified the following Board nominees as candidates for officer positions to be voted on by the new Board.  

President: Tony Houston
Vice-President: Debbie Flitman
Secretary: Dave Finnegan
Treasurer: Chuck Flippo

NOTE RE VOTING:  Voting HRI members who are not able to attend the may email their votes for the proposed Board members to by midnight, Friday, April 7, 2017.

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