Tuesday, April 11, 2017

H5555 Adult Use Of Cannabis Act

Dear RI House Judiciary Committee Members:

As a coalition partner with Regulate RI, Humanists of RI herewith asks you to vote in support of H5555.

As argued in “Legalizing Marijuana for the Greater Good” (The Humanist, 3 JUNE 2015) if marijuana were legal, “we would be able to tax it, and the money could then be used to fund public schools, public transportation, police officer salaries, and other public services. The funds could also be used to help fix our decaying roads and bridges.”
The article goes on to mention the medicinal benefits of marijuana and the immorality of withholding treatment.

People with cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis can use marijuana as medicine to relax their muscles. Marijuana has also been shown to help people with seizure disorders, and it’s immoral to withhold such promising treatments from those who could benefit from their use.
Chris Campbell (2015)

As humanists, we understand morality in terms of the greater good and the reduction of harm, not the imposition of external authority over other people. As Campbell (2005) argues, “it is wrong to put people in jail for getting high. If adult Americans have a right to drink alcohol, then we should also have the right to use marijuana.”
We hope you will take into consideration where we stand on this bill.


Tony Houston

Humanists of Rhode Island


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