Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Humanists of Rhode Island

Roger Williams
Starting tomorrow there will be a new group in Rhode Island that will be working to promote Humanist causes and the doing of good work for everyone.

Humanism is a godless philosophy based on reason and compassion. Humanists believe that our morality is based on the well being of conscious creatures, and that no higher power needs to be appeased.

Here in Rhode Island, where the Catholic Church holds such sway and power that we can't pass a marriage equality bill or even remove a prayer from our schools without going to court, it's important to remember our founder Roger Williams, the man who first established a part of this world where church and state were firmly separated.

Rhode Island in many ways is the place of birth for secular humanism in the western hemisphere, yet where is that tradition today? We need to bring the greatness of the past back, even as we retool ourselves for the future. We need to let the citizens of this state know that they do not have to fear and kowtow to the decrepit institutions of the past, but that they can raise their heads and live truly free.

Free of dogma, free of prejudice, and free of the shackles of religion.

You can be good without God.

Let's prove it.

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