Thursday, May 5, 2011

Introducing: Humanists of Rhode Island

To mark today's very important National Day of Reason, I am happy to report the relaunch of Humanists of Rhode Island, a group dedicated to a godless philosophy based on reason and compassion. It is my hope that this group will grow over the next several months and years into a charter group of the American Humanist Association, and will gain enough influence to have a positive impact on Rhode Island politics.

Did you know that the Providence Archdiocese of the Catholic Church maintains a lobbyist to promote the concerns of the Catholic Church in regards to issues such as marriage equality and reproductive rights? Where are the lobbyists who are fighting for us? Is it any coincidence that gay marriage is suddenly off the table this legislative session?

Humanists need to take the lead on human issues, but to do this we also need to demonstrate our own humanity. This means getting out into the community, identifying ourselves as humanists and atheists, and doing good works.

Humanists of Rhode Island maintains a Humanists of Rhode Island Meet Up page, where all members can organize meetings and events. We also have a blog, RI Humanists, where our members can write on those issues that concern them. Finally, there is our Humanists of Rhode Island FaceBook page, which will be linked with our other sites over the next few days.

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