Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another letter...

I thoroughly applaud your group's urging of the city to remove the cross. I hope you will start organizing people to put up other symbols on the city land. Starting with a pentagram, I think, would get the point across! 

Good luck to you, hope they city realizes how wrong they are!


  1. Steve,
    I am so sorry that you have chosen to use your precious God given time to fight against crosses placed on streets..Do you know that most of the crosses you see are there because somebody died there from an accident on the road? Is it your belief that these families/people have no right to place crosses and light candles on the road for their loved ones?

    Humanism isn't about hating, it is about loving humanity...please change your website's name it does not define what you are doing for humanity.

    Thank God that America is a free country...I hope and pray that it always will be...but if people like you continue to tarnish our rights, God only knows what kind of country we will become.

    We need to complain about unemployment, homelessness, dangerous drugs being manufactured under our noses and being sold to our youth, drugs that are infesting and killing our society...let's you and I complain to the government about about complaining about people who have no food to eat?

    Am I happy to be an American? It is not perfect but it is what it is, freedom is golden...Let us peacefully respect each other's freedom.

    We have bigger issues at hand that need immediate tending...spend your time wisely and advocate for those who really could use your help and your voice.

    Would you rather live in a street with a cross on it? Or on a street lined up with homeless people with nowhere to go? Would you rather live on a street where the garbage has not been properly cleaned up, Or on a street with a cross on it?

    Those are issues we should be addressing to our mayors and governors. Let's not waste their time with nonsense...unity in this country is needed...wave a flag for healthier living and don't worry about the crosses that millions of people put on street corners or roads everyday.

    Use your well intended time to love your neighbor, we already have plenty of hate and pain to deal with on a daily basis.

    Let's start caring for humanity, Steve, pass the word is more important than religious beliefs. When hunger strikes it never asks what is your religion? It asks where can I find food.

    Peace in America not war.

  2. Sol, the Humanists of Rhode Island has NOT asked that all crosses on public property be removed because the Humanists of Rhode Island is aware that they have been placed on public property by the families of somone who died at the location of the cross. The Humanists of Rhode understands that it is unlikely that anyone would consider those crosses to be the endorsement of Christianity by the government.

    The cross that the Humanists of Rhode Island wants removed was NOT placed on public property because someone died at that location. All that the Humanists of Rhode Island is asking is that either the cross be removed from city owned property or that the Humanists of Rhode Island be allowed to place a symbol on the same traffic medium.

    1. Dan,
      When do you begin to take down little crosses across America, and shut down churches because a bunch of nagging neighbors are annoyed by the church bells ringing.

      And when those that complain enough and get annoyed enough unite and demand that American flags be taken down because they're annoyed by it flying...I'm sure you and the humanist group will have the answer and the solution.

      So be on your way, on your way to the continued breakdown of our freedom! That's quite an accomplishment, don't you think?

      Pat yourselves on the back!

    2. Sol: None of these horrible awfuls you are describing have anything to do with the Establishment Clause of the United States constitution. Churches are privately owned and operated and sit on private property. They can ring their bells, although just like anybody else they can't ring them so loudly as to become a noise nuisance (although this doesn't have anything to do with the Establishment Clause). Humanists of RI has never complained about church bells, nor has the group ever received complaints about church bells, nor do we particularly care about church bells.

      An American flag is a symbol of the United States of America, a secular federal republic comprised of 50 states, a capital district, and territories, not a religious symbol of any faith or church. It can be flown on privately owned or government owned property.

      No one has the freedom to erect free-standing displays on property they do not own. I do not own your house and therefore do not have the freedom to put up a monument to the sun god Ra on your front lawn. Mr. Montaquila did not own this median and therefore did not have the right to put a cross on it.

  3. It's also worth noting that if a non-Christian has a loved one who dies in a car accident, s/he can put up a similarly sized small icon in that spot. The government treats everybody equally in this regard. The letter Humanists of RI sent to the Mayor gave him the option of allowing all religious groups to put their own icon in the median.